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The tariff plan for a complex information service system in InformNet for organizations.

Description of services and service Tariff «Start» Tariff «Standard» Tariff «Profitable»
Connecting services and services; primary input data to the database
1 For one organization, accommodation facilities (hotel, resort, flat, private sector, etc.) with a capacity of up to 30 numbers (more than 30 rooms) 85(100) EUR V V
For one room, etc. 12 EUR V V
For one object to provide additional. services (food, health and beauty, entertainment, shopping, etc.) 12—85 EUR V V
For one description of goods / services in the facility to provide additional services 3 EUR V V
Connecting rooms for 8-800 (+ 8-800-555-4636 ext. Code in Russia) 35 EUR 22 EUR V
Connecting direct Moscow number (Moscow number + ext. Code) 22 EUR 11 EUR V
2 Content for placement of audio, photo, video V 50 МБ V 100 МБ V 200 МБ
Additional content (50 MB/100 MB) 7/9 EUR/month.А 5/7 EUR/month.А 2/5 EUR/month.А
3 independant of modification and updating of information including PMS:
— using of web site («My InformNet»)1 V1 month.
further 16 EUR/month.А
— using of SMS ( for example) 4443 2 to 0.11 EUR/SMS to 0.11 EUR/SMS to 0.11 EUR/SMS
4 The subscription fee for a room on the 8-800 (+ 8-800-555-4636 ext. Code in Russia):А 7 EUR/month.Б 5 EUR/month.Б V
The subscription fee for direct Moscow number (Moscow number + ext. Code):А 7 EUR/month.Б 5 EUR/month.Б V
5 Client requests and send him the results by SMS / e-mail:3
— operator call center V 5 SMS
further 0.3 EUR/SMS
— payment terminals4
6 Sending Client additional advertising SMS-messages to subscribers of call center 5 or on request from the Customer Web system resources and partners6 0.3 EUR/SMS V 3 EUR 7 V 5 EUR 7
7 Call Forwarding Customer specialist at the Subscriber: V10 min
further 0.025 EUR/sec.
V 12 EUR9 V 24 EUR9
— operator call center8
— with the number 8-800-555-INFO (4636) at ext. code in Russia/td>
— Web system resources ( call from a site )
8 Self-service bulk SMS Subscriber V 12 EUR10 V 24 EUR10 V 44 EUR10
9 The imprest account:11
— for services based on SMS 12 EUR
— for services based on SMS + telephony 25 EUR 25 EUR V 25 EUR
  In total:
— organization means accommodation (hotel, resort, database, flat, private sector, etc.) with a capacity of up to 30 numbers (more than 30 rooms) No monthly fee! 45 (62) EUR/month.А 75 (110) EUR/month.А
— facility to provide additional. services (food, health and beauty, entertainment, shopping, etc.) No monthly fee! 12—62 EUR/month.А 25-110 EUR/month.А
Services associated with the registration of applications and receiving payments (online store)
11 Providing services for booking hotel room capacity and / or to order the goods / services % from booking % from booking % from booking
V - Included in the monthly fee or a one-time payment

Promotions, bonuses, discounts

Discount for placing several objects one party

2-4 Object - 5% for 5-8 sites - 7% for 9 or more sites - 10% of the specified monthly payment.

Discount rate of "Basic" for forwarding

Subscribers who ordered call forwarding on their specialist receive a discount 1.0 rub. to the message (SMS / e-mail / transition), issued by the client in the call centers, terminals, websites InformNet and its partners.

The action "Word of mouth" in the rate of "Basic"

Discount on the cost of calls to the forwarding of a letter of clearance for other organizations
  • for every organization - a means of living - 0.004 EUR / min.
  • for every organization - not a means of living - 0.002 EUR / min.
  • for the connection of such advice - 0.002 EUR / min.
The total amount of the discount to 0.022 EUR / min.

Bonus "Partner" for all rates

Subscribers to the agreement on the organization of an online store (room reservations, booking of goods / services through the System InformNet) were prepared:
  1. additional discount for one-time payments— 10 %
  2. additional discount on the monthly fee — 10 %
  3. additional discount on the cost of all calls forwarding and / or a call from website— 0.022 EUR/min.
  4. additional discount for a message (SMS / e-mail / transition), issued by the client in the call centers, terminals, InformNet sites and partners — 0.022 EUR
  5. refund for sending the SMS client, which eventually produced the order of the goods / services or a booking InformNet

Comments footnotes

"Subscriber" - an organization, place their information in the system InformNet.

"Customer" - a legal or natural person who has requested in InformNet for information provided to subscribers, or for help in getting the goods / services subscribers (pre-registration online application / armor, accepting payments for subscribers for the supplies / services, etc.) .

А — The minimum contract period - 6 months. Subscribers pay for the service in 12 months. Receive a discount of 10% of the amount specified monthly payment.

Б — When placing advertisements (links) agreed a Web resource InformNet online subscriber, or advertising materials InformNet on its territory, the monthly fee for the Virtual Number 8-800 and direct Moscow number will be charged.

1 — Unauthorized modification of their data without limits. Tracking statistics reference. When a supplemental agreement (only for SP and LE) - personal online store to process online bookings for accommodation facilities, etc. of products / services and receive payments on your a / c.

2 — Sending one SMS is possible to change the data at the price of one unit of population and number of rooms, or on the availability and cost of one unit of goods / services. The cost of SMS depends on the service provider. Rates are determined by mobile operators own and may vary. Text of SMS-message is defined for each subscriber individually.
Note: If you can not change the data by the subscriber or through My Account, or via SMS, InformNet can provide services to change your subscriber information specialists on the following conditions: No-site service. Data can be transferred to a specialist InformNet by e-mail attached file MS Word or MS Excel. With a small amount of change data can be transmitted via SMS, ICQ, Skype. Information dictated voice is not taken. The transmitted information is entered by a specialist InformNet within 24 hours. Change the information through specialist InformNet for: 1 company 5 EUR organization., 1 room, etc. The room accommodation facility 2 EUR, 1 name of the goods / services in the sub-object 0.1 EUR

3 — In an SMS message to the number of rooms 5 options or proposals of similar products / services from different organizations.

4 — On 01.01.2012 this payment systems Ros Express and Kuban Settlement Center. For information about the new payment systems and the locations of their terminals You can learn on the website under «Geography project».

5 — One such SMS can consist of 144 (one hundred and forty-four), national characters and consists of 2 parts:
  • "Basic" - includes a brief name of the organization (not editable) and address of the phone (can be edited independently Subscriber software InformNet);
  • "Advertising" - advertising and / or informational text on the remaining characters (can be edited by the subscriber online of "My InformNet»).
This advertising and information SMS message sent to the client for 1-10 minutes. after sending them the basic information upon request.

6 — For example, SMS, giving the client the right to receive discounts from the Subscriber, which is sent to the Client by clicking the button named "Get discount" on the sites of the system, etc.

7 — Included SMS provided one-off payment (cash, "Basic") or subscriber ("Standard" and "Budget"). Further funds are debited from your prepaid account.

8 — Displayed prices for call forwarding to phones, Krasnodar Krai and the Republic of Adygea. Includes the work of the operator to seek information on the Customer's request (120 sec.). Russian-speaking call center (the cost of care in the English-speaking call center is negotiated separately).

9 — Included is maintained by one-off payment (cash, "Basic") or subscriber ("Standard" and "Budget"). Further funds are debited from your prepaid account.

10 — Next, 0.016 EUR / SMS for «Start», 0.014 EUR / SMS tariff to "Standard".

11 — Reporting on the total number of issued data can be monitored online in Dashboard or to order extra. The balance of funds (other than payment for shares) transferred to another month. The trip threshold (the service is suspended until top up your prepaid account) - 5 EUR. for all rates. The funds remaining on the prepaid account (other than tariffs on shares) after the end of the contract, after checking or returned to the Subscriber, or transferred to the next term of the Agreement.

* — The recommendation can be issued by an organization that are not yet Subscribers InformNet on complex services ordered by Subscriber. Recommendation etc. framed by the head of your organization. The subscriber is entitled to receive the above discounts on call forwarding for the mere fact of registration of a letter, regardless of whether the organization has joined or not.

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