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InformNet – The project is built on modern information technologies and is designed to address different challenges in B2B, B2C. Such as providing information to the best of facilities and institutions, their kind of activities they offer goods and services, prices and other additional features and more. A key feature of the system is the ability to change the data in the native language, by the bearers of information, without intermediaries, which makes this information accurate max. In combination with the use of VoIP, SMS solutions for promoting their products or services you are getting a competitive advantage by working with customers quickly and efficiently. Multi system allows clients to locate their customers far beyond the edges of the region or country.

The main directions of the system:

United registry of accommodation

In the last decade in the field of information clearly observed two trends: mobility and socialization. This means that more than ever, a customer who can bring money to you or your competitors, moved a lot and wants to quickly find the necessary information or using clear criteria or objective advice. That means - values ​​most the time!

We offer you an innovative solution to improve business efficiency your company by meeting the above demand of your customers - COMPLEX Opportunities available at the Unified Register of Enterprises and Organizations of spa complex (of accommodation, health and beauty services, entertainment, business, etc.). More...

Free registration in United registry of accommodation


InformNet, as an information system and the Unified Registry

While working as an information system , Informnet provides the most complete information about the accommodation facilities ( hotels, boarding houses, motels , recreation centers , etc.) without hiding the contact details on the 32 languages ​​of the world and helps the client to enter the hotel directly , providing a free telephone service for the customer.

InformNet, as booking system

The system uses two types InformNet reservations: with and without him. In the first case , the system passes through the prepayment made ​​by the client. To do this, the system uses 3 exchange accounts and banking, in which can be seen all received funds to prepaid goodies . In the second case , the payment will not be charged , but only requested credit card details (no CV- code). They are transmitted in encrypted form hotel . If all is well , the hotel will send the voucher to the client.

InformNet, as PMS

 The system state data Informnet number fund are key. Available to the client only those rooms that are available for the requested period . If the request period is not specified , then the estimated current room conditions . When using PMS hotel available checkerboard , customer management of hotels, booking of the reception , management discounts , tariff plans and management , etc.


 InformNet is an official partner WuBook. In our system, implemented the most complete integration that combines the number of rooms with PMS channel manager, that allows to avoid overbooking Commons license .

InformNet, as a Call Centre

Customer calls from any region of Russia on the code 8-800 (ie free) and informs the operator that wants to relax in " n / N in the Crimea, " or simply " in the Crimea" in such and such days, at a cost X residence rub. / day for a room or a person and defines a set of requirements for accommodation and services (for example : Hotel on the 1st line to the market no more than 10 min. , to cash «Z» no more than 30 min. , in hotel should be a cafe , pool, billiards ) . Telephone inquiry service is often more convenient to the internet, when a client on the road, or have already arrived , and he had problems with previously booked accommodation. On-line operator determines that customer requests corresponds to 5 hotels, and either sends an SMS with the phones suitable hotels or transfers the call to a specialist hotel. Because Call- center connected to a Unified Registry, and data changes on-line organizations themselves , the information provided on the basis of real data on occupancy rooms at the moment. At the same time, the average operator only 3 min.

Informnet reservation button on your site

 Connect button on your booking site will allow your customers to order and how to book with or without prepaid through your site . All information is taken from the data of PMS and is correct at the periods indicated. Tariff plan selected on the basis of a request made ​​by the client.

Informnet and telephony

  • Only our customers can call free from the site to the phone company.
  • Connect We offer number 8800 , which allows customers of Russia FREE call directly into your goodies
  • Connect We offer direct dialing, for example Moscow number in the code 499. In this case, companies and individuals in Moscow will be free to call your goodies on the telephone.

The main components of the system:

  • Call Center 24/7, with the ability to connect and work in multiple languages
  • SMS, VoIP gateways, for quick connection customers with suppliers of goods or services
  • terminals network of different payment systems with the functions of information kiosks that can remotely query and filter the data on the server
  • Banking and billing system. Clients and organizations to pay booking or purchase services in a private office. Organizations have total control over the spending of their funds
  • complex internet-portals (informnet.biz, yugi.ru, sms-inform.net, line.travel, baltika-info.pro, crimea-info.pro, hotels-turkey.pro, kavkaz-info.pro, sibir-info. pro, sochi-info.pro) equipped with a variety of filters set of information processing, as well as partner resources
  • Cloud technologies for content storage
  • Cloud service video conversion

Geography of the project:

  • Call centre
    • accepts all incoming calls on the Russian territory Free
    • sends an SMS to customer information through Russian territory Free
    • makes the call forwarding to our clients in Russia for free
  • Terminals (Maps)
    • Include 32 languages on the display screen of the terminal
    • Location: Krasnodar, Krasnodar Territory, Adygea Republic, Rostov, Volgograd region, Karachai-Cherkessia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Stavropol Territory, the Republic of North Ossetia (Alania), the Chechen-Ingush Republic, the Republic of Kalmykia, Astrakhan Oblast, Republic of Dagestan
    • sends an SMS to customer information through Russian territory Free
  • Sites
    • All our sites as well as the sites of our clients are displayed in 31 languages ​​and are available to network users in their native language.
    • Personal office for personal data input. Data management in terminal sites and in the Call Center. Obtaining statistics on appeals to your data, and much more

InformNet - unique system because it...

  • multi-lingual

  • Informnet operates more than 30 languages. Information wound our customers in one country will be available to residents of other countries in their native language, which allows our customers to develop new markets and reach a new level of performance.

  • efficiency of work

  • The system is designed to handle large amounts of information with minimal use of resources: human, hardware and communications (including minimization of traffic, which is important for mobile communication).

  • reliability of the information

  • The reliability of the information monitored by the users themselves, who placed or edit it (at least several times a day) directly from their computers, rather than transfer the trust that the mediators in the face of information and referral services. Moreover, the presence of large price-lists of input and update information can be automated

  • a wide range of opportunities
  • Every user of our network can significantly enhance their marketing capabilities, etc., are just some of them:

    • promptly inform themselves of potential customers on sold goods and services;
    • track ratings and price proposals of other subscribers InformNet;
    • auctions to sell its goods and services;
    • perform rapid collection of information from other agencies of the enterprise in the city and the edge and to manage them. /li>

  • wide range of additional services

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